What is a Braidin?

Great Question!

We believe people can look sophisticated, classy and fun while protecting their clothes!  The Braidin is a high quality product that has many uses and functions in today’s world.  Wearing a Braidin can reduce a person’s dry cleaning expenses, how often one washes their clothes, the life of one’s clothes and preserve hand me downs.
Who should use a Braidin?  Anyone and everyone!  Because the Braidin has so many wonderful uses it can be used by anyone who needs to protect their clothes...Read More


WE WON!!!!!

September 05, 2014

  Thank you soooooo much for all your support and your votes!!  We are beyond happy to share that we won the QVC Sprout vote!!!  Braidins will be available for sale tomorrow on QVC's website www.QVC.com!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

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QVC Vote Update - Please Continue to Vote

September 02, 2014

Hi Everyone!!  Thank you so much for your support and vote!  On Friday August 29th I was waiting to hear from QVC regarding what our results from the vote were.....when I received an e-mail that there was an "IT issue" and the vote is extended for another week.  That said, please continue to vote for Braidins on QVC's Sprout program (link below) or click HERE http://www.qvc.com/QVCSprouts.content.html?ref=MNG&cm_ven=bingPAID&cm_cat=Q-QVC+Expanded&cm_pla=QVC+Sprouts&cm_ite=yYRwRZKE_3194752964_qvc%20sprout&cvosrc=ppc.bing.qvc%20sprout&mkwid=yYRwRZKE|dc_pcrid_3194752964_pkw_qvc%20sprout_pmt_bp&cvo_crid=3194752964&matchtype=e  

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Please Vote for BRAIDINS on QVC Sprout

August 16, 2014

Happy Saturday!! Today is the day our voting begins on QVC's Sprout program!!! We are sooo excited! Please take a minute to click on the link below and vote for our Braidins! I think you can vote 1x a day and we will be posted until the 29th. If you feel inspired (I hope you do) please share this post with your friends and family and ask them to vote for us too!! Thank you soooooo much in advance! Have a Wonderful Weekend! #Braidin #Vote #SharkTank #QVC #NewProduct #GeGreen #KeepYourClothesClean #MommyProblems #SpreadTheWord http://www.qvc.com/QVCSproutsVote.content.html?cm_re=PROMOTIONS-_-QVCSprouts-1-20140816-_-FEATURE}&metaeSpot=QVCSprouts|QVCSprouts

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August 16, 2014

We are soooo excited to share our BIG new with you today!!!  We have FINALLY been Approved for QVC's Sprout program!!  Braidins will be up for vote beginning August 16th and ending August 29th!!  More details to follow!  I hope that you will vote for us!!! #Braidin #NewProduct #GoGreen #SharkTank #QVC

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